Pre-Arranged Funerals

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funeral Planning Cairns

Pre-arranged Funeral Plans Cairns.
One of the most thoughtful things one can do is to pre-plan and/or prepay for their funeral. This provides special benefits to pensioners and retirees and we recommend giving serious thought to this option.


Personalise your funeral plans in advance and be sure your wishes will be carried out just as you wanted with North Queensland pre-arranged funerals and Cairns Funeral Directors. When you’re no longer here you can take some weight away from the shoulders of your loved ones to help them through their difficult time.

What are Pre-arranged funerals?

Cairns Funeral Directors can support you through the entire process of planning a funeral service prior to the time of need. Today more people are recognising that planning a funeral in advance of need provides peace of mind and demonstrates love and consideration for their family. It is a thoughtful decision that helps reduce the stress of indecision and uncertainty when a death occurs.


A Cairns pre-arranged funeral can be viewed as a natural part of estate planning such as wills, trusts and other advanced directives. We can help you take care of the major aspects all the way down to the smaller details. If you need some guidance when making difficult decisions we take the time to help you decide on the type of ceremony you would like, the options between burial or cremation, floral tributes, your choice of dress and more.


From start to finish we will treat you with complete compassion and patience to ensure you’re happy with your final decision and to make sure your family and friends will benefit from your funeral pre-arrangements. If you’re based in North Queensland pre-arranged funerals can be organised with Cairns Funeral Directors. No matter how far away your funeral may be, you can take the financial and logistical stresses away from your spouse and children and decide on the kind of funeral you want.


You can choose which details you want to take care of and we’ll be there for every step of the planning. While some people just wish to specify their cultural requirements, coffin selection etc., others prefer to plan the entire thing, up to music and wake planning. We leave the decisions up to you, offering our completely honest advice and expertise throughout. If you are wishing to take care of your Cairns pre-arranged funeral please click on My Wishes Brochure.

We offer Funeral Insurance for those aged 1-55 years. We also offer Funeral Bonds as an alternative option. Call us for a free and confidential pre-arrangement.