Floral Tributes

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Floral tributes

Floral tributes are a beautiful way to celebrate your loved one at funeral or wake services. We can help you by designing a full floral arrangement to beautify your loved one’s memorial services. We’ll work with you to either come up with an idea from scratch, or we can base the design off your loved one’s preferences or personality. If he or she had a favourite flower, for instance, we will include that in the design.

Cairns Funeral Directors provides full floral tributes in Northern Queensland

Flowers also have symbolic meanings which have been passed down through the generations and we can help you choose a combination that perfectly reflects your feelings or ideas.


We know that the finer details are often the most important when it comes to planning a funeral. Our team at Cairns Funeral Directors wants to take the stress and indecision off your shoulders so you can focus on celebrating the life and legacy of your loved one. Let us handle your floral tributes and other arrangements and rest assured that everything will be done to your specifications.


Our team are always here when you need us. Call us any time or stop by our Cairns location to discuss your flower arrangements for use at the wake or chapel services. Once your floral tributes have been chosen we will take care of all aspects of setting up and decorating your chosen venue to your exact specifications.

We’ll also handle all clean-up after the service is over and allow you to choose which floral arrangements you would like to take with you. 


Contact us or stop by our Cairns location to discuss your floral tributes today. Our team are always happy to work with you to ensure your memorial service is perfect down to the smallest detail.

Financial assistance may be available to help with the cost of funeral arrangements.
Ask our funeral directors for more information.