Coffins & Caskets

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Quality Coffins and caskets

Because everyone’s needs and preferences are different, it is our policy to provide a wide range of coffins and caskets from which to select. From the simple basic coffins to the lavish caskets, with many variations of colours and styles in between to suit the individual’s personality.

Personalising Coffins and Caskets

Our coffins are available for the use of a funeral service here in Cairns or for shipment to the communities where they will conduct their own service. At Cairns Funeral Directors you will never be pressured to choose expensive lines but they are available if required. Choosing a coffin can be a difficult experience so we try to ease that burden by allowing you plenty of time to make your selection.


Our coffin showroom is always open for anyone to have a look and make any enquires. Once you have selected your coffin feel free to discuss any ideas you may have that will personalise the coffin to reflect your loved one’s personality, background or heritage. We can design any picture, whether it be a flag, totem, emblem or just a meaningful image and have them professionally placed onto the coffin of your choice.


The design and size will be done to your preference. No idea has ever been unachievable. We have had coffins fully covered to appear as though the coffin was draped with a flag, images of either totems or flags have been tastefully arranged on the coffin and coffins have been covered to represent their loved one’s footy team.


Another option is to have loved ones, grandchildren, etc, place their handprints onto the coffin and sign their names underneath. The options are endless and we are happy to fulfil your request.

Financial assistance may be available to help with the cost of funeral arrangements.
Ask our funeral directors for more information.