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Burial and cremation services in Queensland

The decision of whether to bury or cremate your loved one is a personal choice that may have religious or cultural significance to you. 


We offer both options to families throughout Queensland, we can help you plan funeral services worthy of your loved one.


There are considerations for each type of funeral and we can help you navigate these aspects as well so you can focus on the important task of celebrating your loved one.

Considerations for burials and cremations


Burials in Cairns

– The Cairns City Council offers various options to suit your needs. These range from a site at Martyn Street, Forest View, Babinda or Gordonvale. You can choose between a lawn plaque, headstone, mausoleum or monumental sections. Your choice of whether to have a plaque or headstone and the design of these pieces is a personal choice. We can assist you with these at the time of arranging your funeral, or at a later date. Please click on the link for a list of Regional Council Cemeteries.


– Cremation is the preferred choice for up to 70% of families in Australia. The funeral service can be held in our chapel or any venue of your choice. Chapel of Memories has lovely, classic and modern decor and is fully air conditioned, it can hold up to 300 people. We have two large plasma TV screens to accommodate families who wish to have a slide show of their loved one playing during the service.


There are a few options when planning a cremation service:

Direct cremation

– This option involves no formal service but most families have a memorial service at a later date.

Formal service

– This is the service which would be held at a church, our chapel at Cairns Funeral Directors or another location of your choice with either a Celebrant or a minister.