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Funeral planning services in cairns

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Whether you want a small, intimate memorial service with close family and friends or you’re planning a more elaborate celebration of life, we can help you plan and implement a funeral service worthy of your loved one.


We’ll help with each step of the process – from choosing a venue, deciding on a burial or cremation, to arranging for repatriation and designing floral tributes.


Each memorial is arranged with personal touches to reflect your loved one’s personality and interests.


We design a customised order of service booklets for every person and all caskets can also be personalised for a truly touching memorial that acknowledges what makes your loved one special.


We offer the following funeral planning services throughout the Queensland area:

The choice of whether to bury or cremate your loved one is a highly personal decision. We offer both services so you have access to whatever type of memorial makes you are most comfortable with.

After recognising the need for a larger chapel in Queensland we now offer our Chapel of Memories. We offer a peaceful place to celebrate your loved one, whether you want a small gathering with only close family or a larger service with up to 300 people. We can provide all flowers and catering services or you can provide these yourself if you desire.

We offer a wide selection of cremation urns to meet your unique needs and preferences. Urns may also be customised to reflect your loved one’s personality or interests.

Many families wish to have a wake separately from the memorial service as a more relaxed and intimate gathering to remember their loved ones. We can help with all aspects of planning this service so you can focus on spending time with family and friends to celebrate your loved one.

We provide a large selection of coffins and caskets to meet your unique needs.

In some cases, your loved one may be moved from Queensland to another location for burial. We will help with this process from booking flights to communicating with the funeral directors at your destination.

Take the burden off your loved ones with a pre-arranged funeral. We’ll help you plan your entire memorial service in advance so there are no doubts about what your wishes are.

Our Cairns funeral directors will help you choose the perfect burial plaque. We can help with everything from simple plaques to elaborate headstones and sculptures.

We’ll help with your floral tributes and flower arrangements, whether you want us to design them or you want something personalised to reflect your loved one’s wishes.

Planning a funeral can be a financial strain but you may be entitled to financial assistance. We’ll help you determine if you are eligible and help you file all necessary paperwork to help cover the cost of the memorial service and burial or cremation.

 At Cairns Funeral Directors, we understand what it’s like to lose someone you love. That’s why we’re so committed to offering compassionate and professional funeral planning services to each of our clients throughout the Queensland area.


Contact us today for assistance in all aspects of funeral planning.