How To Talk About Funeral Planning

How To Talk About Funeral Planning

No one knows better than Cairns Funeral Directors that the topic death and loss of a beloved one are hard to talk about.

Even though it’s inevitable, most of us don’t want to think about it until near the end of our lives. It has become less of an intrusive and taboo subject in recent years.

Funeral planning has greatly enabling families and partners to have discussions about the future.

It is still a difficult conversation but here are some tips on how to talk about funeral planning in Cairns:


It is important to let your relative(s) know that you are not trying to upset them. They should understand that you don’t want to burden them with having to make difficult decisions at a time when they are grieving. Planning ahead is actually an expression on your love. 

To prevent excess worry, it is best to have the conversation when you are in good health. If, however, ill health is prompting the discussion, choose a quiet time.

Reassure them that you are just trying to make things easier.


Obviously, you want your pans to be accepted and that you can trust that they will be carried out. Explaining your wishes does not mean your family are obligated to carry them out, although in most circumstances they probably will follow your plan. 

If you are in any doubt that your family are not in full agreement with your plans, they need to be recorded in your will. 

Professional advice

One way to pretty much guarantee having the funeral you want is to plan it and pay for it upfront. When you have a prepaid funeral plan, the decisions about the most important items are decided by you and carried out by your chosen funeral directors. 

A way to make the whole funeral planning process easier is to invite your relatives to the discussion you have with your funeral plan provider. They can provide the professional input as to the sagacity of forward planning and answer any questions your family (and you) have.


Having the conversation is a good way to get the ball rolling for other members of the family to discuss their own plans. Encourage everyone to have the discussion with their immediate partner/relative. 

We are always happy to help anyone with their funeral planning in Cairns. Use our online contact form, call us, or drop into our office. 

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