Funeral Costs For Pensioners

Funeral Costs For Pensioners

If you’re planning ahead, or have recently lost a loved one, funeral costs for pensioners can be a huge worry. 


At Cairns Funeral Directors, we do everything we can to ease the burden and help our clients through this difficult time. 


Our guide to funeral costs for pensioners covers everything you need to know, and if you need more information, our experienced team are here to help.


What Do Funeral Costs Involve?

There are a number of expenses that are involved with a funeral, and it is important to understand these. The average cost of a funeral includes:

  • Death certificate
  • Memorial service
  • Legal fees
  • Funeral director’s costs
  • Funeral cars
  • Collection and care of the deceased
  • Administration fees
  • Order of service
  • Wake (catering and venue hire)
  • Floral tributes
  • Burial or cremation

Of course, each funeral is different, and depending on whether your loved one wanted a huge celebration of life with hundreds of guests or an intimate family ceremony and cremation, the costs will vary.


It’s also important to look at the average cost of a funeral in Australia, as this is a good starting point for budgeting for funeral costs.


The Average Funeral Costs in Australia

According to Finder the average funeral in Australia costs around $7,499, so it’s important not to underestimate the financial pressure.


There are a lot of options available to ease the financial burden, such as prepaid funeral plans, funeral insurance, and financial aid from the government, but it’s always a good idea to start setting money aside to cover funeral costs. Coffins can range between $800 and $8000, so it’s important to be aware of the financial costs of a funeral.


According to a study which was published in a report from Australian Seniors, almost 32% of families who pay for a funeral are left in financial hardship, taking at least six months to recover from the debts incurred. Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult and financial pressure is the last thing grieving families need.


Help with Funeral Costs for Pensioners

Fortunately, financial assistance may be available for pensioners to help with the costs of funeral arrangements.


You may be eligible for a range of financial support measures including a Centrelink lump sum bereavement payment, carers allowance, pension bonus bereavement payments and partner allowance, for up to 14 weeks after the death. 


It is also important to make sure your family are aware of any funeral arrangements, insurance, prepaid funeral plans or funeral bonds that you have in place.


At Cairns Funeral Directors, our experienced team can provide you with all of the necessary information, so don’t hesitate to get in touch – call us today on 07 4053 7499, we’re available 24 hours.


Prepaid Funeral Plans for Pensioners

One option that has become increasingly popular for helping with funeral costs for pensioners is a prepaid funeral scheme.


It also means you can decide the specifications and details of your funeral, so your family won’t have to deal with the stress and your exact wishes will be carried out by our local undertakers.


It is important to talk to an experienced funeral director who can advise you on what decisions need to be made and how much needs to be set aside financially.