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A funeral service is a more formal memorial service that is usually held in a chapel, church or other venue. They are often religious in nature and headed by a minister, although this isn’t always the case. A wake is a less formal gathering for the family and friends and is usually a more intimate time when loved ones gather to celebrate the departed by sharing memories and dining together. You can have one or both services depending on your personal preferences.

Yes. The viewing will take place prior to cremation, generally in a rented coffin or casket. This will give any loved ones the opportunity to visit with the departed and then cremation will take place shortly after before the actual funeral service.

You can scatter your loved one’s ashes but it is important that you choose the location carefully. We’ve created an article detailing where to spread your loved one’s ashes. In most cases families choose to scatter ashes in an area that was important to the person. While this may be an option in some situations, you will need to make sure there are no rules against it for your specific location. Many families are now choosing to spread ashes in a memorial park which is a designated area for this purpose where you can visit your loved one and even choose a lawn plaque or headstone.

Viewings are usually held at the funeral home but some families wish to have them in their own homes where they feel most comfortable. This is a very personal decision and there is no right or wrong answer. You can also choose not to have a viewing.

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