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Red Roses On Headstone
Funeral Planning

What To Write On A Headstone

Choosing what to write on a headstone can be very difficult. Often you’re in a place of deep grief, yet you are being asked to write

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Calculating Funeral Costs
Funeral Costs

Funeral Costs For Pensioners

If you’re planning ahead, or have recently lost a loved one, funeral costs for pensioners can be a huge worry.  At Cairns Funeral Directors, we

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Cairns Funeral Directors
Funeral Planning

The A-Z of funeral terminology

Some industries have unique terminology where you feel like you need a degree to decipher what everything means, and the funeral industry is one such

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Coffin — Death Registration Services in Manunda, QLD
Funeral Planning

What to wear to a funeral

Funerals are far from joyful occasions, but more often people are calling them a celebration of life rather than a funeral. Many people want their

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