We are 100% Australian, local family owned.
Our phone lines are available directly to us
24 hours, 7 days a week

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Financial assistance may be available to help with the cost of funeral arrangements.
Ask our funeral directors for more information.

Funeral Services in Cairns

Cairns Funeral Directors has been proudly servicing the local and regional communities since 2006 and moved to a bigger facility in 2011 to better accommodate the needs of families.


Cairns Funeral Directors is centrally located within Cairns to be easily accessible to all the surrounding suburbs.

Janette, David and Alisha make up the proud team of Cairns Funeral Directors and promise to always provide you with sincere and compassionate service and will be totally committed to you and your loved one. They have always had a compassionate outlook on people’s needs at a time of grief through their own life experiences and because of this they will give you the quality of care and support that you deserve.

We prioritise your every need and will endeavour to fulfil your wishes. We want to help guide you through the difficult time of losing a loved one, time and finances are not an issue, we can work through this and tailor a funeral to suit your budget. We live by the standards of treating your loved one with the total respect and dignity they deserve, regardless of the service you choose. Our doors are always open to look through our premises and someone will always be available to help or answer any questions you may have.


 We are 100% Australian, local family owned. Our phone lines are available directly to us 24 hours, 7 days a week.

When it comes to planning a funeral, people are so overwhelmed by grief our duty to you is to make your loved one’s funeral as memorable and as stress free to save you that burden. We want to reflect your loved one’s life by making it a wonderful, memorable farewell.


Family members and friends find it helpful to be able to place personal items inside the coffin such as photos, letters, drawings and other items that are appropriate. You can do this at the viewing, or we will be only too happy to fulfil this for you.


We can organize memorable music to be played at the service, we have a large selection of music to select from.

We can place personal items on the coffin for the service from a favorite fishing hat to a much loved painting, as well as their photo. It will add to the atmosphere giving it a personal touch. We provide a Memorial Book and take responsibility to encourage mourners to enter their condolences. This will enable you, at any time after the funeral to immediately recall exactly who was in attendance. You may be assured that each person in attendance will receive a thank you card from the family, personalised by a scanned image of your loved one.


Close family members (including children) can place a single flower or rose petals on the coffin or into the grave as part of their final farewell at the service. Releasing of balloons or doves can also be arranged. We can arrange for clubs or organizations to attend, perhaps forming a guard of honour. Family members or friends consider it an honour to be a Pallbearer, we let you decide. Please feel free to discuss other options and ideas that you may want as part of the service.