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A Guide To Planning Your Own Funeral

It can be hard to think about how our loved ones will feel once we’re gone. Many people take the steps to plan their own funeral as a small way to ease the burden when you’re no longer around. You might be unsure of what to do and might find it difficult to think about your own funeral in particular.


We hope that our simple step-by-step guide to planning your own funeral makes things easier.

1. Consider your budget

You need to consider what the budget is for your funeral. This might change with time but it’s wise to estimate a likely budget. You might have a designated funeral fund or otherwise be able to make an estimate.

2. Choose a funeral home

Decide which funeral home you want to use. It’s worth considering a few options, including local businesses and nationwide chains. When you find a provider, research the pricing and packages available.

3. Choose a type of service

Choose the type of service you’d like. The funeral home can help you arrange various options and can guide you through what’s available. You might combine elements of different types of services.

4. Decide on additional services

You might add additional events to your funeral such as a wake, a reception, or events that are specific to your culture or religion. Whether you include these elements is up to you.

5. Assign someone to organise

Funeral directors are there to support you and ensure your wishes are respected. It’s also a good idea to nominate a close friend, partner, or family member to have a role in planning your funeral once you’re gone.

6. Decide where to hold the service

You can then decide where you would like your service to take place. This might be a place of worship, a funeral home, or another location. Again, your funeral director can help you understand the options.

7. Organise the details

You can now organise the details of your funeral. This is anything specific such as music, clothing, poems or readings, flowers, important guests to invite, and who will lead or speak at the service. You might also think about the type of coffin you’d like. These are the things that make your service a celebration of you.

8. Choose your final resting arrangements

After planning the funeral you have to think about your final resting arrangements. You might already know whether you want to be buried or cremated. It’s also worth considering where you would like to be buried or what you would like to happen after cremation.

Plan your funeral in Queensland

Arranging your own funeral in Queensland might feel daunting but it’s actually a simple process. At Cairns Funeral Directors, we can give you compassionate support whilst you plan your funeral. We’re an experienced family-run business, dedicated to seeing your wishes carried out. If you have questions about arranging your own funeral or you’d like to find out more about the options available please contact us 24/7.