Hotline Introduction

Hi, Welcome to Cairns Directors Funeral Information Hotline.

Are you faced with having to plan a funeral but aren't sure where to begin? Are you concerned about paying too much for an unfulfilling service, well if so this hotline has been created just for you.
Cairns funeral Directors help families in Cairns, surrounding suburbs, interstate and overseas during one the most difficult times that any of us ever face, the loss of a loved one.
In helping these families we have identified the four key subjects that you need to know about when faced with the loss of a loved one. We've created this hotline to help you learn about these subjects from the comfort of your very own home.

The first question we are typically asked about is funeral pricing and the cost of services, and this hotline will give you the information on how to evaluate any funeral homes prices. This will help you regardless of which funeral home you choose to work with.

Next, most families will agree that this can be an extremely tough time emotionally and after helping hundreds of families through this time, we have identified the common path that we all walk at a time of loss. Understanding that path that you are on can help you reduce the stress of the situation and minimise your families' grief.

The third topic that we are often asked about is cremation. So to help you understand this topic we have prepared an overview that we call "issues to consider when choosing cremation."

And the forth subject that you will need to know about is how to go about making an arrangement for a funeral. There are lots of issues to consider in the arrangement process so we've created an overview called "The Five Critical Elements of Successful Arrangements."

For detailed information on these 4 key subjects,
please go to the "Hotline" menu tab at the top of the page.