This section of the hotline is entitled "Issues to consider when choosing cremation".
If you are considering cremation, it's important for you to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that choice. Cremation has been an excepted part of the human experience for thousands of years. Some cultures primarily use cremation while other cultures primarily use earth burial.
Here in the Cairns area approximately 40% of all the families choose cremation and at Cairns Funeral Directors approximately 50% of our families choose cremation with some form of funeral service.

A funeral service celebrates the life stories of the deceased as well as provides healing for those who remain. It can be as simple or as elaborate as desired. A cremation is merely an alternative form of disposition as oppose to burial. A good funeral home should offer all the same services whether it be cremation or burial. Cremation is not an inferior alternative in any way. Some families choose cremation because of a long family tradition, others for their environmental reasons, some for cost savings and some because they see it as the simplest choice. Regardless of the reason, at our funeral home you will never be treated poorly because you prefer cremation.

Recently we have seen the introduction of discount cremation service providers in our area. Unfortunately, it's like merchandise focused funeral homes, these companies just don't understand the whole point of a funeral. None the less, if you are considering a discount cremation service provider here are 5 questions I think you should ask:

  1. Exactly where is your loved one going to be prior to the cremation?
  2. Where is the company located and what vehicles will be used for the service.
  3. What mortuary care will be provided to your loved one?
  4. Is it possible to view your loved one prior to or on the day of the service? If answered no, question why. No funeral home should refuse a viewing.
  5. Where will your loved one be cremated?

Typically a discount cremation services is offering a low price because they are cutting corners in one or more of these 5 areas.

Only you can decide if the way they've cut corners is something that you and your family are comfortable with.