Personal Information Required For Death Registration

Deceased Person

  • Full Names
  • Address
  • Date & Place of Birth (also, if born overseas, when did the deceased first arrive in Australia)
  • Occupation
  • Date & Place of Death
  • Marital Status (also, if widowed, date & place of death of wife or husband)

Marriage Details

  • First Marriage
  • Date & Place of Marriage
  • Deceased's age at date of Marriage
  • Name of Spouse & Maiden Name

Children of Deceased

  • First Names (in full)
  • Date of Birth

Father of Deceased

  • First Names in Full
  • Surname
  • Occupation

Mother of Deceased

  • First Names in Full
  • Maiden Name
  • Occupation

It is advisable to keep this information in a safe place.
Please keep in mind once having applied for a Death Certificate, it can take 2-3 weeks before receiving it in the mail.