Guidelines For A Eulogy

Through a persons life, the story of their trials, achievements, high and low points, labours and loves are seldom, if ever told. The Eulogy is a way of telling that story so loved ones and friends can share the different aspects of that persons life and character.

We hope the following will be of assistance and allow a family member or friend who you may ask,to write the Eulogy.

Some points you may want to include

  • Where and when was the person born?
  • Who were the parents of your loved one?
  • Did they have brothers and sisters?
  • Where did this person go to school?
  • Some amusing experiences they had when growing up?
  • Was this person in any of the Defence Forces?
  • Where and when did this person meet their partner and marry?
  • Any children and grandchildren and their names?
  • Did they belong to any clubs or associations?
  • Did your loved one have any hobbies or interests?
  • Is there a poem or verse you may like included within the service?