The Owners of Cairns Funeral Directors

We are proud to say Cairns Funeral Directors is 100% Family owned and operated.

Each one of us have been affected by grief in one form or another so we feel due to our  personal experiences we are more than qualified to help families during their time of need, due to losing a loved one.

We are available to attend your calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

We are more than happy to answer any inquiry you may have, with the utmost honesty.

Janette - The face of Cairns Funeral Directors.

The one thing no other funeral home has, is this beautiful lady. Janette consoles every family with her mothering and nurturing nature. No task is too hard for her.

Janette relieves the family of the stresses that are involved with arranging a funeral and takes them on as her own. She is truly dedicated to helping families.

Janette has become well known around Cairns, she always goes out of her way to introduce herself to as many people as possible after the funeral service. Janette ensures that everyone is well taken care of and always provides everyone with refreshments.

Alisha – The reason it all began.

Alisha had always dreamt of becoming a Funeral Director.
Alisha spends her time caring for your loved one. Her eye for detail will see your loved one looking beautiful the day of the viewing.

She also designs all the Order of Service Booklets. Each one is different and is designed to reflect your loved one's personality.
Alisha will source pictures of your loved one's totems and have them placed within the booklet to represent your family's roots.

Dave - The man behind the scenes

Dave works hard on the company to make it reach it's full potential.

Dave attends every funeral service, you can find him assisting families and pall bearers or see him busily running around organising the music and extra seating to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Dave will be the man to transport your loved one either from home or hospital to our premises and to the funeral or for air transportation.

He takes pride in treating everyone with the utmost care and respect.

Walter Nai

Our dearest Brother Walter had unfortunately passed away in October of 2015. This was devastating for all of us here at Cairns Funeral Directors. His memory will remain with us forever.

From our very first meeting with Walter our relationship grew in leaps and bounds, we went from being work associates to Walter becoming a huge member of our Cairns Funeral Directors Family.

Walter could see the dedication we had towards his people and he wanted to help. He educated us with the Indigenous Culture and Protocol of arranging a Funeral.

Walter was always there to help the family members during funeral arrangements and oversee all procedures to ensure they all comply with the Indigenous traditions. Since his passing we have continued to ensure that his legacy still lives on.