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Personal Family Service

If you have recently lost a loved one we would like to take this moment to offer you our deepest condolences for your loss. At Cairns Funeral Directors we are totally committed to providing a personal family service because we are truly a family business. We take the time to listen and often just a little extra time makes all the difference.

Our Range of Funeral Planning Services

We are happy to provide both burials and cremation services to better meet your needs. Whatever way you choose to honour your loved one, we can help you arrange the perfect memorial.

Our Chapel of Memories offers a beautiful and fully equipped space to host your loved one’s celebration of life. We can accommodate small, intimate gatherings as well as larger groups of up to 300.

For those who choose cremation we have a selection of quality urns available to commemorate your loved one’s life.

For many a wake is an opportunity for closure, and to celebrate their loved one. We offer full wakes planning to provide you with assistance throughout the entire process.

We offer a large selection of coffins and caskets, whether you are looking for something simple and tasteful or elegant and elaborate.

Our funeral directors will take the stress of repatriation off your shoulders. We’ll make all the necessary flight arrangements for you and your loved one.

We offer the option to pre-arrange your funeral service to take the planning stress of your loved ones. We’ll help you plan each step of the service to reflect your wishes.

Burial plaques are one of the most important aspects of your funeral arrangements and we offer a wide range of plaques which can be fully customised.

We can design and provide full floral tributes for your wake or memorial service to your exact requirements.

We’re Here For You

If you’re planning a funeral Cairns based, Cairns Funeral Directors are here to ease your burden in this difficult time. Funerals are not an easy thing to plan or discuss. Nothing is more difficult than arranging a funeral while you’re still in mourning for the loved one you have lost. We understand how challenging this period can be, and we make it our job to ease your load as much as we can. 

funeral director consoling a woman

From the moment you contact us, we’ll do what we can to make planning a funeral in Cairns simple. From arranging flowers to choosing music, we can do as little or as much as you want us to do.

We offer a personal, sensitive service to the recently bereaved. Led by our team of 100% Australian, local, family-owned funeral directors, you can create the perfect farewell to your loved ones with as little stress and pain as possible. We’ll carefully lead you through each step of the process, taking on whatever we can and allowing you to stay in control of the things that matter.

We attend our phones 24/7 at all times of the day and night, so if you’re worried about the ceremony at 2 am we’ll be here to help. We understand the nature of our work requires us to be available at all times and ready to do what we can to help you in your time of need. Please let us help you navigate through this difficult time by helping you to plan and organise a memorable and compassionate funeral in Cairns.

funeral service with rose petals

Dedicated Funeral Planning In Cairns

For many people, a funeral offers the chance to say goodbye to lost loved ones and take the time to remember everything in life that made them special.

That’s why we feel it’s important to plan personal funerals that are tailored to the individual we’re here to remember.

Our dedicated and sensitive funeral planning team will work closely with you to create a funeral, burial, or memorial service that’s just what your loved one would have wanted. Each and every detail of the ceremony can be tailored to your preferences, whether your loved one would have preferred a formal, traditional funeral or something more celebratory, we can accommodate these final wishes.

With decades of experience in funeral planning, we know how to plan a sensitive, appropriate send-off for your loved ones and make it as easy as we can for you along the way. No two funerals that we plan are the same; if you want a team of funeral planners who will go the extra mile to make sure your ceremony is personal and unique, contact us. As well as planning your funeral, we also offer a range of complementary services including personalised grave plaques and urns.

If you’re looking for dedicated funeral planning in Cairns, contact us today at Cairns Funeral Directors. Our sensitive and compassionate funeral associates can guide you through the funeral planning process at a pace that suits you and help you to make simple choices that reflect the farewell that your loved one would want. 

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Here When It Matters

It is well documented by grief professionals that funerals are an essential part of the healing and recovery process. The funeral ceremony helps to publicly acknowledge the reality of the death and when shared with friends and family it encourages the expression of grief. This experience actually helps to begin a healthy mourning process.

We pride ourselves in delivering care and services that fit each family we serve. Not only do we guide you in making your decisions, we help you design a service that best expresses and celebrates the life of the one you love. The elements that comprise each funeral arrangement will change to your requirements and preferences.

Every funeral service is different, and this means that the total cost will depend on the arrangements you put in place. Some prices, cremation or burial and legal requirements, are necessary for all funerals, although many elements differ from funeral to funeral and these costs will vary depending on the choices you make.

We welcome all enquiries about funeral costs. We’ll take the time to find out how you want to farewell your loved one. Once we’ve gained an understanding of your requirements and preferences, we’ll provide you with a written obligation-free estimate of costs.

Financial assistance may be available to help with the cost of funeral arrangements.
Ask our funeral directors for more information.